Uncommon Sense 3.0.42

Freedom of thought in education

Defense from Zombies not allowed

On friendly disagreement, at every level

Comrade Trump’s Re-election, and peace prize nomination

The West is on fire

Sturgis superspreaders? Probably not.

Trick or Treat?

Uncommon Sense 3.0.41

Vote early and vote often!

Tech Time: Deepfake won’t be just for porn forever. We have an in-depth discussion on the long-term implications.

Thoughts on promoting our own works

Professors have been suspended at Mizzou and USC because somebody got offended.

No more “divisive anti-american Propaganda”, a.k.a.-Critical Race Theory, will be taught by US govenment employees, according to a memo from the OMB

A little news from the middle east.

Back to basics: What is the unit of society?

Hong Kong police arrested more than 300 protestors over the weekend.