Uncommon Sense 3.0.12

“Bill Sharpe, please make them understand that socialism doesn’t work.”

If you can’t do, teach. Academics are all about titles

The famous Westminster Dog Show was this week. In each of the categories the judges made sure to check all the physical features of each breed, including build, structure, fur, and teeth. Dogs had to display the exacting characteristics of the breed. But irony of ironies, the sequestered judge for best of show came in and, from all the fantastic dogs that were exemplars of their breed, selected a poodle that unnaturally looked like an eighteenth-century sculptured shrub. Not the natural characteristics of the breed!

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis celebrates 100 years of supporting area students to, through, and beyond college.KNOW US: Stories of St. Louis Students Finding Their Way, a digital storytelling exhibit, will be on view at the Missouri History Museum until March 29, 2020.

You can’t take the trolley to the Social Security office anymore. Meander around town and learn about The Kranzberg Foundation, an incubator movement to encourage and support small businesses and arts groups. They have eight venues including office space, theaters, restaurants, and ballrooms.

Iran revealed new details about their space program.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is making sense for a change.

Kim Gardner and her continued attacks of everyone else for her many problems.  A quick survey of listings on the web shows extensive articles demonstrating factually how she lies, twists descriptions, breaks laws, and should probably be in prison.

Jeff Sessions and William Barr who both have irrationally supported President Trump, acting more like his person attorney rather than as attorney general, have become victims of his uncontrolled and irrational ire and attacks. Some people never learn.

Join us if you dare for the Lindenwood University NBS-AERho Trivia Night. Email Jack (jl586 {at}lindenwood [dot] edu) to reserve a table.

If you’re in the St Louis area, you should send your children to the Bearhound7 Youth Theatre Camp in Webster Groves this summer.

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