Uncommon Sense 3.0.17

Rand Paul tests positive

Stupid is as Stupid Does: Hoarding and selling; Financial programs and logic

Wash U med school prof teaching course: Disease, Madness, and Death, Italian Style/
Books: The Decamaron, also Camus’ The Plague

Read When Christmas Trees Flew

Movies: Knives Out… and first run online films

PS5 release, Bill Gates retiring from boards of directors

10-12 week lockdown, memorial or flag day

Stimulus checks

Trump admin should be prepared because of pre-inauguration exercise thanks to Bush policy

Iran, North Korea

Burr, Loughlin, Feinstein dumped stock, should resign.

Get acquainted with Nick Caldwell, by reading Not Forgotten or another of his adventures

Tom Cotton/Lindsay Graham on Chinese immigration and supply chains

“I Hear Voices”

Urban Chestnut “Stan the Man” beer

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis celebrates 100 years of supporting area students to, through, and beyond college.KNOW US: Stories of St. Louis Students Finding Their Way, a digital storytelling exhibit, will be on view at the Missouri History Museum until March 29, 2020.

If you’re in the St Louis area, you should send your children to the Bearhound7 PERFORMING ARTS CAMP in Webster Groves this summer.

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While you’re stuck in quarantine, read Death by Lethal Affection and Justice Delayed, or another Wm. Sharpe title.
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